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Posted 2 weeks ago


Welcome to Crusade, here at Crusade we strive to be the leading network for HCF, Practice, Kitmap, and many more gamemodes to come. Our players' experience is really important so we always take suggestions seriously and try to implement as many suggestions as possible which we feel would benefit the server.

Our goal at Crusade is to make the server enjoyable for everyone. We want to bring back the old feel for HCF and give the name "HCF" it's actual purpose again. Will we hosting a non-p2w HCF server and make everything as fair as possible. This means players have to grind for their armor and gear instead of doing a kit, which gives all players equal opportunity to become the #1 faction and get the f top prize!

With the many gamemodes that we will have, the goal of Crusade is to make the network more than just HCF. We aim to bring a wide variety of players from all different gamemodes onto the server. Our goal is to create a server that listens to their ...
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